Bear protection puzzle to promote ending bear farming in hotspot communities


Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has produced 2,000 puzzles promoting bear protection, which will be distributed to children in bear farm hotspot communities as part of ENV’s “End Bear Farming” campaign.



Boosting the public's role in stamping out wildlife crime


Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV) has launched a new version of an online species identification resource with a friendlier interface and additional species. The improvements are designed to encourage greater public participation in protecting Vietnam’s wildlife.


New Primate Poster Shows the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


School children scour over the poster looking for illegal activities to report to the local ranger. A telephone waits on the desk. One team of children count five violations; a macaque in a cage outside a café, a gibbon on a chain at a fancy resort, a hunter trying to shoot a langur in a tree, and a truck load of wild macaques heading for the Chinese border. But the other group is quicker, the group’s leader racing for the phone reporting what his team has discovered.