Bears transferred to Tam Dao

HOT: Two unchipped moonbears are on their way to Tam Dao bear sanctuary right now after being illegally taken from the wild as cubs.

The Gia Lai bear owner contacted ENV's wildlife crime hotline in late December wishing to voluntarily transfer the pair. We then got in touch with Gia Lai Forest Protection Department to set the wheels in motion. Today the bears are finally on their way to a new life.

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I don't want to be a rhino anymore!

Rudi the Rhino doesn’t want to be a rhino anymore. Poachers have killed his mother and the young orphan is in the midst of an identity crisis. On his quest to visit Mother Nature to be changed into another animal, Rudi encounters a host of animal friends who persuade him that being a rhino is something rather special.

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Celebrities tell South Africa: “We don’t want your rhino horn!”

Hanoi (March 02, 2017) - A number of major Vietnamese celebrities including diva Hong Nhung, MC Anh Tuan, artist Thanh Bui, MC Phan Anh, singer Rocker Nguyen, MC Hoai Anh and many others have joined with Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) to promote a global petition calling on South Africa to withdraw their plan to legalize the rhino horn trade.