urban bear bile attitudes survey report 2010 imgAn analysis of attitudes and bear bile use in urban Vietnam

ENV’s study focusing on the social and geographic profiles of bear bile consumers in urban areas indicates that 22% of people surveyed have used bear bile in the past; with Hanoi having a much higher rate of users than Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. The study also profiled the demographics of users and looked at their attitudes and behavior. Report published in 2010.

tiger trade investigation findings 2010 imgTiger trade investigation findings

A summary of findings from ENV’s 12-month tiger trade investigation in Vietnam, including an overview of Vietnam’s tiger trade, sources and trafficking routes; use of tiger products; tiger farming, farm management and administration; and enforcement efforts. Findings published in March 2010.

marine turtle identification resource imgMarine turtle identification resource

An easy-to-use resource from seaturtle.org for identification of the world’s eight marine turtle species.


Tiger bone TCM practitioner values

Survey dates: Nov 2011 (Hanoi) and June 2012. 

tiger trade facts and fallacies imgTiger trade facts and fallacies

A document clearly articulating the facts (and fallacies) surrounding the issue of tiger farming, produced by the International Tiger Coalition in 2008.