Policy & Legislation


ENV’s “Capitol Group” (CG) program was established in 2008 and works to build support amongst key government decision-makers in the National Assembly, relevant ministries and amongst provincial leaders to help formulate policy and strengthen legislation and enforcement aimed at protecting wildlife.

These efforts have resulted in significant impacts on critical national wildlife policy and legislation such as strengthening of wildlife protection laws, advocating favorable decisions by the government on major policy issues presented by ENV, and established important precedents on key aspects of enforcement policy at the national and provincial level.


Some examples of CG successes:


Enforcing the ban that prohibits owners from keeping illegal bears on farms after administrative fines have been issued. Ending the common practice of auctioning off tiger parts following seizure, which was widely practiced prior to ENV’s intervention.
Involved in reducing the list of “common” wildlife species permitted to be exploited for commercial purposes from 353 species down to 160 species in a 2012 circular. Securing the return of a critically endangered “royal turtle” (Batagur affinis) to a conservation breeding program in Cambodia after almost two years of negotiations.