Public Awareness & Outreach



ENV’s public awareness campaigns aim to reduce consumption of wildlife by influencing public attitudes and encouraging the public to become actively involved in wildlife protection. 

ENV uses a variety of tools to raise awareness about the wildlife trade including television, radio, and newspapers, as well as hosting high profile events and a growing viral advertising and social media program on the internet. ENV also works closely with the media to increase and sustain the coverage on important wildlife trade issues in Vietnam’s press, and maintains an active network of more than 120 journalists to facilitate reaching the public.

Our Mobile Wildlife Awareness team tours the country undertaking awareness activities to deliver messages directly to stakeholder groups, ranging from university students and urban residents and communities bordering protected areas, to customs officers, police and provincial government leaders.

ENV’s major long-running awareness activities include public exhibits focusing on reducing consumption of wildlife and bringing an end to the illegal trade and farming of bears, and seminars for university students encouraging public action to combat the illegal wildlife trade.


Bear exhibits call for an end to bear farming and encourage people to say “NO” to bear bile. The ENV bear mascot is popular with the kids.
Wildlife trade exhibits focus on reducing wildlife consumption in Vietnam, and include features such as an opinion topic to encourage the sharing of ideas.
In the market initiative, large banners are hung prominently at markets to raise shoppers' awareness of wildlife trade and consumption. Each university seminar includes a presentation on the illegal wildlife trade crisis, a debate, and ENV's bear play is performed by the students.