Rescue Wildlife




Help rescue wildlife from illegal trade!


ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit team works hard with concerned citizens, young volunteers and authorities in Vietnam to protect our precious wildlife from illegal hunting and trade. These animals are often hunted and consumed in Vietnam, or exported to China and other international markets. Some animals are kept as pets; others are served as exotic food or put in rice wine in restaurants and bars. They are also commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.


When animals are reported to ENV, our team works to ensure they are confiscated and placed in a rescue center or, if appropriate, released back into nature.


Please help us in our efforts to save Vietnam's endangered wildlife!

rescue wildlife

How it works:
A US$25 donation can help rescue an animal – just click the Rescue Wildlife button to begin.

A typical animal rescue mission costs approximately US$225. Your donation will help cover some of the costs such as transportation, placement or release of the animal(s).

What you will receive:
You will be notified as soon as your rescue operation is complete. You will receive information about the case and a photo (if it's possible), as well as occasional news and updates about our wildlife protection efforts.


Thank you for helping to save Vietnam's wildlife!

Learn more:
For more information on Vietnam’s wildlife species and the issues affecting them, click the images below.


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