Take Action: Become a corporate leader in environmental protection in Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the most biodiversity-rich countries in the world. I am proud to join ENV to commit to protect Vietnam’s natural heritage in my own activities, and to spread the word to encourage others to do the same.”


U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam David Shear (May 2012)


Wildlife in Vietnam is on the brink of extinction. To stop this, we need help from the whole community including individuals, organizations and enterprises. Goldsun Focus Media is proud to join with ENV to commit to protect wildlife in our own activities. I hope that more enterprises will join us to show their corporate social responsibilities.


Mr Truong Tan Binh – Account Manager of Goldsun Focus Media (Aug 2012)

Preserving Vietnam’s unique biodiversity has become an issue of critical importance, due to the serious threats posed by illegal hunting and trade, as well as habitat destruction.


ENV's Corporate Alliance for Wildlife Protection program is a way that your company can become a corporate leader in wildlife protection in Vietnam.


Please join us to protect our precious wildlife. Together, we can make a difference!


How it works:

Step 1: Help make your company a wildlife safety zone 

corporate campaign at daiwa company in da nang 14 jan 2012 env-r 2 500x375Partner with us and help reduce demand for wildlife by encouraging your employees to get involved in wildlife protection. ENV will produce awareness banners to display in prominent places at your company (e.g., in the lobby or staff canteen area). At your request, ENV will also give a presentation to your staff about problems facing Vietnam’s wildlife, encouraging them to take action.


Step 2: Help sustain ENV’s efforts to protect Vietnam’s wildlife through membership

A small annual membership fee of US$500 will help maintain our efforts to protect wildlife, and allow us to continue carrying out important awareness activities such as public events, deliver educational resources and produce public service announcements for TV and radio.


Membership benefits:
We will recognize your company’s valuable contribution by featuring your corporate logo on both our English and Vietnamese language websites.

Your company will receive our weekly Vietnamese language news bulletin summarizing important nature and environmental news in Vietnam to distribute to your employees.


Why it makes sense:
ENV has been working to protect wildlife in Vietnam since it was founded in 2000, but we realize that we cannot win this battle alone. We need the active support of the public, and a shared commitment from the corporate sector.


Our Corporate Alliance program may be a small way that you can help us, but the returns that we offer in terms of wildlife protection are substantial, and critical to the future of Vietnam’s biodiversity.


We guarantee that 100% of your membership fee will directly go to support wildlife protection.


Act NOW to help secure a future for Vietnam’s wildlife and environment!


It’s easy. By clicking the Donate button below, you can enter your details and pay the membership fee via PayPal. We will then be in touch and send you a membership package.



Contact us today. For more information, please email Ms. Dung - ENV's Operations Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel (+84 24) 628 15424


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