Sun bear confiscated after nine years of illegal captivity by governmental agencies

You would expect those who enforce the law to observe it themselves. However that was not the case involving a report of a bear illegally held in captivity. For the bear was being kept at the offices of local authorities in Dak Lak!



 Sun bear and two macaques found in the local authorities's office


Since July 15 when Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) received a report from a volunteer about this case, our officers from the Wildlife Crime Unit had to work with many different agencies for almost two months to bring the case to a successful conclusion. Yesterday (Sep 12) the sun bear arrived at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center in Tam Dao, finally ending nine years of living in a cage. Two macaques also seized at the same time, and later identified as an Assamese macaque and a stump-tailed macaque, are now living in Chu Yang Sin National Park in Dak Lak.




The sun bear




The Assamese macaque



The stumped-tailed macaque 


Ironically, the reason why we choose governmental offices to display wildlife crime awareness banners is because officers may be committing wildlife violations without realizing it. But no matter where it occurs, wildlife violations need to stop!

The awareness program is important, not only to provide people what they need to know about wildlife, but also to encourage them to take action by reporting suspected wildlife crime to the toll-free ENV 1800 1522 hotline, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or the online form on www.envietnam.org


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Image: Vietnam Bear Rescue Center