Sea turtle volunteer club formed on Con Dao

A trip to Con Dao was more than just routine business for Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) staff. For the focus was firmly on opening a new era of ENV sea turtle conservation on the island in cooperation with the local authorities and enthusiastic volunteers.





ENV officer interviewed a student in a school seminar


The volunteer network of ENV outposts play a critical role in raising public awareness of wildlife protection across Vietnam. However, the outpost in Con Dao is more special than most because it’s focused on sea turtles – the signature species of this island.


The Con Dao outpost was also established with the help of Six Senses – a new partner of ENV in Con Dao. From the launch ENV organized seminars on August 30 in Con Dao district, attracting many participants, including more than 300 students and teachers of Vo Thi Sau school. As a result, ENV received 100 volunteer registrations from students, as well as recruiting eight members of the Youth Union and two staff of the Six Senses five star beach resort.




Soldiers in Con Dao signed the pledge board to protect marine turtles in the first exhibition


Another outstanding feature of the volunteer outpost launch was a sea turtle exhibition held in Con Dao market on September 1. At this event, ENV welcomed many young people as well as residents and a number of soldiers based on the island.


 Although it was a debut exhibition, the event achieved many encouraging results, including 230 people signing pledge cards to protect sea turtles. Thanks to this support, sea turtles will have a better chance at life in Con Dao, a vital spot for sea turtle nesting in Vietnam.


Establishing the Con Dao volunteer outpost also presented the opportunity to forge a strategic partnership with Six Senses. Working together with the Six Senses management and staff will enhance advocacy and public awareness of wildlife crime against sea turtles. In particular, having two of their number as volunteers will help tighten the cooperation between ENV and Six Senses in the common goal of sea turtles conservation.




The pledge board with signatures of the ones who promise to protect marine turtles


In common with many other endangered species, sea turtles are hunted illegally, have their eggs stolen and now face a high risk of extinction. Sea turtle conservation in Con Dao – the homeland of ‘baby turtles’ – will bring direct long term benefits to the area’s internationally important sea turtle population. Short as it was, the ENV visit laid the foundations of an energized sea turtle conservation initiative that will bear fruit in the future.


If you would like to discover the journey of saving sea turtles, please find it on ENV’s Facebook page


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