Findings from ENV’s “Wildlife Farming in Vietnam” Investigation: Evidence of Widespread Abuse

From October 2014 to July 2015, ENV carried out an investigation at 26 large multi-species wildlife farms across the country. Shocking figures from the investigation report demonstrated that wildlife farming practices in Vietnam are poorly regulated with widespread abuse of regulations reported at all of the farms that were targeted.  ENV further concludes that commercial farming and trade of wildlife is without question impact wild populations of these species and pose a serious risk of accelerating the extinction of these species in Vietnam.





Results of the investigation at 26 large multi-species wildlife farms across the country:

  • 100% of farms were involved in some degree of illegal wildlife laundering activity.
  • 100% of farms revealed that captive populations are supplemented by a steady flow of animals into the farm.
  • 89% of the farms had no planned precautions against inbreeding.
  • 91% of the farms revealed that they bought transportation papers from other farms or FPD officials.
  • 76% of the farms revealed that FPD officials had received illegal payments from them.
  • Some common practice:
    • Claiming false births, not recording deaths (replacing animals that died with illegally sourced animals to maintain the same number of captive animals)
    • Buying and selling animals without transportation papers
    • Buying, selling and reusing of transportation papers


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