ENV's Wildlife Crime Unit hits 10,000 cases today!

ENV celebrated a special milestone today. A crime reported by a member of the public through ENV’s Wildlife Crime Hotline 18001522 concerning a macaque kept at a bus station marked ENV’s 10,000th wildlife case.



Back in 2005, ENV established its Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) to facilitate public action in the reporting of wildlife crimes and to assist government agencies tasked with wildlife protection. The WCU operates a toll-free national hotline which allows members of the public to report wildlife crimes. Information reported to ENV through the hotline is then passed on to the appropriate authorities to take effective action. ENV truly believes that Vietnam cannot protect wildlife without strong support from the public.

Though there still remains a long road to end wildlife trade in Vietnam, we are delighted and proud to witness a year-on-year increase in public reporting on wildlife crime. When the ENV hotline began operations in 2005, ENV received an average of one new case every ten days. A year later ENV received 44 hotline cases. 2015 saw ENV log 621 hotline cases, an average of over 11 new cases per week. ENV’s hotline cases have already surpassed 300 at the midpoint of 2016 and today one of our trained case officers logged case No.10,000.

Celebrate with us and experience a day in the life of ENV's WCU:

[The ENV Minute #4] ENV's Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU)