5 Years in Prison for The Bastard of The Internet

As reported yesterday, the court session to try Phan Huynh Anh Khoa's case was opened this afternoon, June 21. He was sentenced 5 years imprisonment and fined VND 50,000,000 ($US 2,230) today.





At ENV, Khoa earned his name, AKA the bastard of the internet deservingly over the course of the campaign advertising a wide assortment of endangered and protected species on his facebook and on websites and forums ranging from douc langurs and leopard cats to pangolins, marine turtles, otters, and lorises. His evolving list of live animals for sale goes on and on, reading like the inventory of a small zoo, and including both native and exotic wildlife. Khoa mocked authorities and ENV on his Facebook promising that he would never be caught and cursing ENV at every turn.


Many efforts were made over the last two years until he was caught red-handed with a dead red-shanked douc and nine otters during a sting operation in December 2015.

The justice was served! We felt great at ENV today!


Photo credit: tamlongvang.laodong.com.vn