Tiger trading to be put on the agenda at the European Parliament

On May 25, an event on tiger trade in the EU Parliament was hosted by Neena Gill MEP. It was a great success and a valuable opportunity for MEPs, the European Commission and other stakeholders in the EU to obtain first-hand information from the NGOs on the ground about the tiger trade.




EIA, Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) and Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) provided hard-hitting facts and compelling arguments for the EU and the international community as a whole to tackle tiger farming head-on and to end all trade in all parts and products of tigers. EIA welcomes the commitment expressed by the European Commission to treat this issue as a priority at the forthcoming 17th CITES Conference of the Parties (Sept – Oct, 2016).


H. E. Ambassador Busaya Mathelin from the Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels attended the event and invited more information about tiger farms in Thailand.


We hope that as one of the Tiger Range Countries, Thailand will accept its share of global responsibility to protect and conserve tigers, particularly following many years of tolerance towards the recently publicized and horrific Tiger Temple farm.


PDF: EIA ENV WPSI Joint Public Statement