ENV Minute #5: Run for Rhinos

In December 2015, ENV joined the Red River Runners to host the first ever “Run for Rhinos” half marathon event in Hanoi. 


The run aimed at bringing attention to the crisis rhinos are facing as a result of poaching for their horns, which are used in traditional medicine and as status symbols in Vietnam and China.


Run-for-Rhinos Minute-



The race attracted hundreds of individual runners from Vietnam and abroad, with the total number of runners this year surpassing 600. Participants included running teams from the American, British, Dutch, South African, and French embassies in Hanoi, as well as other conservation organizations and some of ENV's corporate partners


“Every step of every runner symbolizes Vietnam's commitment to rhino protection. By eliminating demand from consumers in Vietnam, we believe we can help bring an end to the killing of wild rhinos.”


ENV is actively working to protect the world’s rhinos by reducing consumer demand, strengthening enforcement, improving policy and legislation.  We will continue organizing major awareness events here in Vietnam to help save this iconic species from extinction.