Wildlife Crime Bulletin Issue #2 - Nov 2015

ENV's Wildlife Crime Bulletin (WCB) 2015 - Issue 2 has officially been released. The WCB provides a thorough update on ENV's enforcement initiatives and details current important issues in wildlife conservation in Vietnam.


Stories in the new WCB include:

- The World Is Watching: Prosecuting Vietnam’s Infamous Marine Turtle Kingpin

- A Bad Idea: Opening the Door for Commercial Trade of Rhino Horn

- A Great Step Forward: Ban on All Endangered Wildlife Ingredients in Health Products







The issue provides a detailed overview of the prosecution of the marine turtle kingpin in Khanh Hoa province and an in-depth report on the ban of endangered wildlife ingredients in health products. Also featured is a must-read opinion piece on the commercial trade of rhino horn as well as a comprehensive summary of the wildlife crime cases reported to ENV over the last few months.


For further details, please see the attached file, or visit: http://bit.ly/wildlife-crime-bulletin-issue2-2015 


We hope that you find the WCB an interesting and informative read!