ENV's corporate partners make every day rhino day in Vietnam

In celebration of this year’s World Rhino Day, Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) and its partner, Platinum Cineplex, a well-known international luxury cinema company, have launched a campaign to reduce consumer demand for rhino horn in Vietnam. Under the new partnership with Platinum Cineplex, an ENV public service announcement (PSA) urging the public to stop the consumption of rhino horn will be shown before the feature film 2,700 times over the next month at Platinum Cineplex cinemas in Vietnam.


Platinum e-poster - Rhino Sep 15 2015 resizedENV's e-poster at Platinum Cineplex urging people to report wildlife crime to hotline 1800 1522



In addition to Platinum Cineplex, many other businesses including car dealers, golf clubs, gyms, 5-star hotels, and resorts are also working with ENV to raise public awareness about the plight of rhinos. ENV and our corporate partners are working hard every day to reduce the demand for rhino horn in Vietnam. Every day is rhino day for ENV and our corporate partners!


For more details about the partnerships, please read the press release.