Will synthetic rhino horn help save ‎rhinos‬?

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 ENV's answer is NO! Synthetic rhino horn “risks undermining all the progress already undertaken in Vietnam by giving credibility to scientifically unproven medicinal beliefs, compromising enforcement, and potentially stimulating demand, while failing to address a key issue: status-driven rhino horn users want real horn from wild rhinos,” (Doug Hendrie, ENV’s Wildlife Crime and Investigations Unit Advisor).



Pembient, an American biotech company established in early 2015, wants to protect rhinos by flooding the market with synthetic rhino horn. A coalition of wildlife non-governmental organizations, including ENV, Annamiticus, WildAid, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Born Free Foundation, Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching,Environmental Investigation Agency UK, Wild Life Risk - Hong Kong, andAfrican Wildlife Foundation, have formally declared their opposition to this idea. Find out more about our reasons for opposing this action HERE.