I don't want to be a rhino anymore!

Rudi the Rhino doesn’t want to be a rhino anymore. Poachers have killed his mother and the young orphan is in the midst of an identity crisis. On his quest to visit Mother Nature to be changed into another animal, Rudi encounters a host of animal friends who persuade him that being a rhino is something rather special.

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‘I don't want to be a rhino anymore!’ by children’s book author, Sue Linström, with illustrations by Gary Böttger, is the charming tale of one rhino’s struggle when his world is turned upside down.


Our gofundme appeal aims to raise $5,000 to print the Vietnamese language version of the book and distribute it free to young families throughout Vietnam, a major consumer of wildlife products including horn from the endangered rhino. 


If you are able to support this initiative to help protect rhinos from poaching please make a donation here:

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