Song Hong Annual Half Marathon 2016 – ‘Run for Wildlife’

Over 600 runners took to the streets today to participate in the 2016 “Run for Wildlife”. The run was a way for participants to demonstrate their support by “taking action against extinction’ and urging the public not to use traditional medicine made from endangered wildlife.



The 10th annual run was hosted by the Hanoi Red River Runners (RRR) in partnership with Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV). This year, participants had the opportunity to choose one of four endangered species that they would be running for, tigers, bears, rhinos, and pangolins. All of these species are often hunted and used in traditional medicine.


“Time is running out for tigers, rhinos, bears and pangolins,” said ENV Vice Director, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Dung. “Each of us must act now to bring an end to the killing of these animals, and one important and meaningful action we can take is not to consume traditional medicines made from endangered wildlife.”


“Moreover, when you choose to use modern medicine over use of traditional medicine made from wildlife, you are both helping yourself and saving lives in nature,” said Ms. Dung.


Among the participants running for wildlife today were teams from the British, American, French, South African, European Union embassies and the U.S. Agency for International Development, as well as ENV’s corporate partners, including Pan Pacific Hanoi, Netco Post and Cargo Company and teams from the NGO community. As always, RRR hosted 5k, 10k, and 21k (half marathon) races to allow for as much participation as possible, from small children to seasoned runners.


“We were excited about the event this year. Our runners not only had the opportunity to engage in a healthy activity they love, but in doing so, they are also helping protect endangered species,” said Mr. Richard Leech, Hanoi Red River Runners. “I hope that their messages will inspire others across the country to take action to protect wildlife”


ENV would like to thank the public for their participation in the race, both as runners and fans along the route, as well as the Hanoi Red River Runners for hosting this annual event in support of wildlife protection. We would also like to thank the volunteers from ENV Wildlife Protection Network that dedicated their time to assist with the race, without whose support this annual event would not be possible.


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